We offer a complete line of plastic and fabric bandages that cover all of your minor first aid and medical needs.

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Medi-First Flexible Fingertip

Blue Metal Detectable Bandages

1" x 3" Woven Strip 50/box
1" x 3" Plastic Strip 100/box
Woven Fingertip 50/box
Woven Knuckle 50/box

Extra Heavy Weight Latex Free Flexible

7/8" x 3" Strip 50/box , 100/box
2" x 3" Patch 25/box
Knuckle 40/box
Fingertip 40/box 100378
Medi First Plus Plastic Strip

Plastic Strips

3/4" x 3" Strip 100/box
1" x 3" Strip 60/box , 100/box